Introducing Cryotherapy in Pearland, TX! We are Pearland's premier Cryotherapy clinic and Pearland's ONLY sports clinic equipped with a whole body cryo chamber. Whole Body Cryotherapy within our cryochamber is a safe and effective therapy used widely in the sports and wellness fields. The process involves the patient stepping into our state of the art chamber that is controlled by a touchscreen computer and monitored with a thermal imaging camera during the entire process. Our facility's chamber includes several safety measures including emergency stops, sensors and an automatically opening door and the entire process is monitored with a technician in the room.

Patients using cryotherapy experience decreases in inflammation, increased energy, and faster recovery. When inflammation is decreased in the body it allows the body's natural healing and rebuilding processes to take place more efficiently. Athletes have been using cold therapy to aid sore, achy muscles and joints for generations and now with the cryochamber you can quickly get these benefits in 3 minutes or less over your entire body. Whole body cryotherapy can also boost metabolism with 500-800 calories burned in a 3 minute session.

Come by and see our chamber in action and feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have!

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